Spring 2024 Term (Jan 2 – Apr 15)
Dec. 29, 2023New Student Orientation
Jan. 2Spring Term and Classes Begin
Jan. 2-15-Late registration -Add/Drop Class
Jan. 8Tuition Payment Due
Jan. 15Martin Luther King Day, campus closed
Feb. 10Chinese New Year, campus closed
Feb. 13Application for Summer 2024 term begins
Feb. 13-19Mid-term exams
Mar. 5-11Last week of 10-week course
Apr. 9-15Course evaluation and final exams
Apr. 15– Spring term ends
– Summer term registration ends for current students
Summer 2024 Term (May 6- Aug 18)
May. 2New Student Orientation
May. 6Summer Term and Classes Begin
May. 6-19-Late registration -Add/Drop Class
May. 7Tuition Payment Due
May. 27Memorial Day Holiday, campus closed
Jun. 7Comprehensive/ Graduation Exam
Jun. 17Application for Fall 2023 term begins
Jun. 17-23Mid-term exams
Jul. 4Independence Day, campus closed
Jul. 8-14Last week of 10-week course
Aug. 12-18Course evaluation and final exams
Aug. 18– Summer term ends
– Fall term registration ends for current students
Fall 2024 Term (Sep. 3 – Dec. 16)
Aug. 29New Student Orientation
Sep. 2Labor Day Holiday, campus closed
Sep. 3Fall Term and Classes begin
Sep. 3-16-Late registration -Add/Drop Class
Sep. 10Tuition Payment Due
Oct. 15Application for Spring 2024 term begins
Oct. 15-21Mid-term exams
Nov. 5-11Last week of 10-week course
Nov. 28Thanksgiving Holiday, campus closed
Dec. 10-16Course evaluation and final exams
Dec. 16– Fall term ends
– 2025 Spring term registration ends for current students
Dec. 17Comprehensive/ Graduation Exam
Dec. 25Christmas Holiday, campus closed
Jan. 6, 2025– 2025 Spring Term and Classes Begin