California University-Silicon Valley(CUSV) is a non-profit institution whose predecessor was Nine Star University of Health and Sciences(NSUHS). Serving the community helps the needed and promote TCM education. CUSV community service offers Free Clinic services, Free health lectures and Free exercising demos of holistic methods.

Free Clinic

CUSV offers free clinic service to give back to the community. The free clinic service not only benefits patients but also offers great opportunities for intern students to practice under instructors’ supervision. CUSV has been offering the free clinic service over a decade.

CUSV received a bus as donation from John Hsiao during Nine Star University period, which we used as a mobile clinic. This was the first mobile clinic among the TCM universities across the nation. We had achieved 10,000 miles so far.

Free Lectures

Before the Covid, NSUHS had done numerous in-person health lectures on and off campus. During the Covid, CUSV embraced the online technology and social media influence and starting to provide online lectures. Now more free lectures videos are available on CUSV youtube channel for viewers!

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