Dog Days Healing Arts | 冬病夏治“三伏贴”

Dog Days Healing Arts | 冬病夏治“三伏贴”

Dog Days Healing Arts

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San Fu Tie (三伏贴) is a traditional Chinese medical therapy originating from the Qing Dynasty. Based on the principle of “treating winter illnesses in summer,” it involves directly applying herbal patches to acupuncture points during the hottest days of the year, known as the San Fu (三伏) days. Through the stimulation of acupuncture points by the herbs and the conduction and regulation via meridians, this method can correct the imbalance of yin and yang in internal organs, improve the circulation of qi and blood in the meridians, and exert a gentle therapeutic and regulatory effect on the physiological functions and pathological states of the internal organs. Consequently, it aims to strengthen the body’s surface to ward off external pathogens, remove toxins, unblock meridians to support internal organs, and expel evil to strengthen the body.



Why Treat Winter Illnesses in Summer?

The practice of “treating winter illnesses in summer” aligns with the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) philosophy of “preventing diseases before they occur.” This principle is rooted in the idea of “correspondence between man and nature,” which suggests that the fluctuations of yin and yang, as well as qi and blood in the human body, change with the seasons. Consequently, the occurrence and treatment of diseases should also adapt to these seasonal variations.

Many illnesses that frequently occur in winter are primarily due to inherent yang deficiency, exacerbated by external cold pathogens. The hottest period of the year, known as San Fu, is when the body’s yang energy is at its peak. By leveraging this time when both the environment and the body have the highest yang energy and when diseases are in remission, warming and yang-boosting treatments (both internal and external) can be used effectively. These treatments stimulate the body’s yang energy, enhance its resistance to cold, and eliminate lingering cold pathogens, thereby reducing or preventing the recurrence of illnesses.


“冬病夏治”体现了中医学传统的“治未病”思想。中医的核心思想是“天人相应”,认为人体阴阳气血的盛衰依季节变化而不同,疾病的发生、治疗亦应随季节变化而各异。一些冬季容易发生的疾病,主要是以素体阳虚,又外受寒邪为本。盛夏“三伏”是全年气温最高,人体阳气最旺盛的时候,此时借天、人阳盛之时,疾病缓解之期,采用温热助阳的药物(包括内服和外用)对阳虚之体进行治疗,可激发人体的阳气,增强抗病御寒能力、祛除体内沉寒痴冷之宿疾 ,达到少发病或不发病的目的。

Applicable Conditions and People

  1. Respiratory System Diseases
    • Recurrent colds, chronic cough, asthma, chronic bronchitis, allergic rhinitis, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, etc.
  2. Digestive System Diseases
    • Chronic gastritis, diarrhea, indigestion, gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, etc.
  3. Musculoskeletal Diseases
    • Cervical spondylosis, frozen shoulder, lumbar spondylosis, old cold legs, rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, etc.
  4. Gynecological Diseases
    • Chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, dysmenorrhea, menstrual headache, menstrual diarrhea, irregular menstruation, amenorrhea, infertility, etc.
  5. Pediatric Diseases
    • Cough, asthma, bronchitis, susceptibility to colds, spleen and stomach weakness, etc.
  6. Special Populations
    • Individuals who are physically weak, prone to colds, have low immunity, weak constitution, prone to allergies, or generally weak and sickly with a cold constitution can also use San Fu Tie to prevent diseases and strengthen the body’s foundation.


  1. 呼吸系统疾病
  2. 消化系统疾病
  3. 运动系统疾病
  4. 妇科疾病
  5. 儿科疾病
  6. 特殊人群

Treatment Schedule

  • First Fu: July 15, 2024 – July 24, 2024
  • Middle Fu: July 25, 2024 – August 3, 2024
  • Middle Fu (Enhanced): August 4, 2024 – August 13, 2024
  • Last Fu: August 14, 2024 – August 23, 2024

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