California University – Silicon Valley From year 2020 Till Present

California University – Silicon Valley (CUSV) derived from Nine Star University of Health Sciences(NSUSH), which was incorporated in the State of California on May 25, 2007 as a nonprofit public benefit corporation, under the laws of California, and it was approved by the Internal Revenue Service under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code for advanced research and education in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

The founder of this university is Dr. Philip Yang, a licensed acupuncturist and educator dedicated to the inheritance and development of traditional Chinese medicine. The University changed its name to California University-Silicon Valley in 2020. The change was approved by the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education (BPPE) on April 16, 2020. The University is supported primarily through tuitions, clinical income and public contributions.

Story behind School Name Change

In the Year 2020, the catastrophic Covid-19 pandemic burst worldwide. As a Traditional Chinese Medicine Education Institute, we strongly believe that the TCM concept and system will provide people a more natural and healthier life, develop prevention care mindset and defend from the virus attack. Nine Star University of Health Sciences (NSUHS) has been rooted in the Silicon Valley for more than a decade with reputation. It’s time to reach out from our community to the nationwide. The new name “California University-Silicon Valley” (CUSV) meant to broaden the horizon of our vision and capacity, so we can contribute more to the community and take the TCM education to the next level. 


CUSV’s new logo represents:

1) Yin/Yang, Five Elements form a strong university;

2) People from around the world, hand in hand, come to our university;

3) Everybody in our university is very happy, they cheer, they smile;

4) Studying at our university means success, no matter where you will be;

5) Unite, we join together to make a better world!

CUSV will continue with the NSUHS mission: inheriting (classics) and renovating (new techniques). CUSV will also come with the new goal: TCM careers entrepreneurship. We will help graduates take the next step toward a career in TCM

The Origin of TCM Concept and He Tu Luo Shu

TCM authentic concept is the essence of TCM philosophy and techniques, including TCM identifications, diagnosis and treatment strategies by acupuncture, herbal medicine, cupping, moxa, Tui Na and beyond, which guaranteed the effectiveness of TCM arts. And it is the essential vital force that has been sustaining TCM for 5000 years till now. To undertake the TCM essence and escalate it was the second motivation to found the university. So it was named “He Luo”, simplified from “ He Tu Luo Shu” , the mother of I-Ching, and the origin of “Five Element”, “ Yin Yang” and the “Jiu Gong” (nine houses setting).

From this chart, we can find 9 is the biggest Yang digits, so we took the meaning for the school name “Nine Star University of Health Sciences” (NSUHS) and applied the elements to school logo. This name was to keep the administration and students remain the genuine TCM philosophy and spread it to the world to benefit the society. NSUHS has been serving the community and devoted to TCM education from 2007 to 2020 with strong foundation. Now it is transformed to CUSV to reach the next level.

CUSV Medical System

CUSV inherited the medical system from NSUHS, which was based on genuine TCM philosophy. Here is our mission:

The Academy confers practical approaches for safe and efficient patient care to achieve optimal outcomes for the patients. The participants will learn to help patients by improved communicative skills, diagnostic acumen and technical ability to deliver the best treatment available for a positive outcome, patient satisfaction and cost efficiency. Foster the best achieved graduates, be competitive in their clinical competencies. To ensure the graduates are confident enough to open their own practice or acquire a job right after graduation in the profession of oriental medicine. For those who are interested in TCM management, research, pharmaceutical manufacturing, sales etc., we provide you the technical support and environment and guidance of the development. We are unique, we are particular, guarantee, you will learn special techniques in CUSV, which you can’t find anywhere else. We are confident, you will be confident, too.


Please look at the CUSV Super Teaching Wheel (CSTW):

CUSV is based on the sacred chart—Luo Shu

Which is the origin of Ba Gua (Eight trigrams)

And later, the major philosophy of Yin / Yang, Five Elements, and the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) system was generated. This is what we are following and applying in our daily practice of acupuncture, herbal medicine, etc. In other words, all the essence and secrets of TCM reside in the chart. Interpretation of the charts induces many methodologies and techniques in acupuncture, herbology, Tui Na and more,.., Here we summarize them into 9 branches, which are just précised skills and techniques in our daily practice, but they are of much more powerful than the common approaches. Can you dissolve a bone spur with one needle? If you don’t, I can, how? By Holographic Needling Tech.; Can you diagnose someone has or is going to have heart disease, and which stage it is? If you don’t, I can, How? By Spinal Diagnosis, please see the brief introduction of the CUSV Super Teaching Wheel (CSTW):

1. NS Needle Tech.— From the chart Luo Shu, we induce a powerful digit combination: 6—ultimate Yin and 9—ultimate Yang, thus we have the strongest Yin/Yang combination to achieve the best effect of needling.

2. NS Tui Na Tech.— the same philosophy of NS Needle Tech. used in Tui Na, to achieve much better effect than the regular modalities, strong effect, but not by consuming strong strength.

3. Spinal Diagnosis— founded by Philip Yang in his profound clinical practice, joint with the philosophy of TCM and western medicine, to make diagnosis just by feeling the spine for no more than a minute. This diagnosis is complementary to the four classical techniques—Four Pillars, to fill up its gap or blind area, and we can find the root/origin of diseases.

4. Holographic Needling—Founded by Philip Yang, abiding the philosophy of Hologram, medical Qigong, Bagua (Eight trigrams) and traditional acupuncture techniques, forms this very unique, most powerful, immediate effective needling technique, dealing with many difficult diseases, such as dissolving bone spurs and the related illness.

5. NS Medical Qigong—Founded by master Philip Yang, it is an authentic medical Qigong, comes with systematic special qigong philosophy, Qigong diagnosis and the corresponding healing techniques. More important thing is, you can apply these philosophies and techniques in the traditional acupuncture, Tui Na, etc., this makes all the practice remarkably effective, even miraculous. This includes Medical Qigong I & II.

6. Body Dynamic Alignment—By gently rotating the arm, the practitioner can align the vertebrae, dispel congestion in an organ, cough, for example, it stops just in one minute. 

7. Meridian Awakening Therapy — By tapping on the meridians with a wooden hammer, it can adjust the spine, stop the pain, because the ergomatic vibrating frequency can awaken the meridians which are congested or sluggish in circulation, etc.

8. TCM Chiropractor—It is a typical example of joint the knowledge and techniques of eastern and western medicine in treating all the spinal related disorders, such as back pain, headaches, numbness of fingers, arms or legs, PMS, infertility, indigestion, irregular heartbeat, insomnia and many more.

We apply both the techniques of TCM Tui Na and chiropractic techniques including diagnosis and manipulation, performed by well trained and licensed professionals. Then we apply the achievements from clinic to CUSV classes.

Mind Over the Matter — Mind, breathing and body motion are three major venues to motivate the qi flows inside our body.  Mind plus special breathing techniques can shrink a bone spur, correct deformed limbs or scatter blood clotting (bruise, sports injuries with edema, etc.), this is how we can essentially correct the deformed, dislocated spine. 

Supporters and Contribution

Due to the contribution to the communities and the outstanding education outcomes, NSUHS has been more and more recognized by the public. Different private foundations have been supporting NSUHS by donations:

Dr. Yao’s Family

Zheng’s Family Foundation

Ryan Hsiao’s Foundation

J & H Foundation

Chuang’s Family Foundation 

Unison Health Connection 

In 2017, Mr. John Hsiao donated a bus to NSUHS, in honor of Ryan’s Family Foundation, used as a Mobile Clinic. This was the 1st Mobile clinic among all the TCM universities in the U.S. NSUHS clinic instructors and interns set up a goal, this mobile clinic would make 10,000 Miles of Community Cares. This greatly benefited the communities, especially for the seniors, through which NSUHS interns procured precious experiences of clinical internship.

From 2018 to 2019, J & H Foundation sponsored an Alzheimer’s Disease Project (ADP), treating AD patients for free, and this was also a research program, with detailed data collected. It has stopped due to COVID pandemic. 

Since 2019 till now, Chuang’s Family Foundation has been providing scholarship to NSUHS/CUSV excellent students, it is named as “ Lin Shan Qiao Scholarship”, to encourage the excellent students, who dedicate in TCM study, and he/she will commit TCM as his/her lifetime profession after graduation. This scholarship has motivated CUSV students for their TCM study. 

Your contributions will help preserve traditional Chinese medicine and prepare students to become qualified and successful practitioners of acupuncture and Oriental medicine. Let’s joint together to create extraordinary achieved CUSV’s future!