Chuang’s Family Scholarship 

In order to memorize the TCM doctor, Dr. Sanchiao Lin 林三樵,who was a distinguished master of TCM in Taiwan. He loved TCM, and he expected TCM to be widely disseminated in the world, Chuang’s family Foundation established a scholarship in California
University-Silicon Valley since Fall 2019, to encourage the excellent students, who dedicate in TCM study, with commitment of TCM profession after graduation. 

Who is Dr. Sanchiao Lin林三樵 ?

Mr. Sanchiao Lin was born in Tainan, Taiwan in 1896. He was an authentic scholar. His grandfather was a scholar and a famous doctor. He studied diligently since childhood, studied Chinese medicine with his grandfather, and studied Sinology at the private school of the Confucius Temple in Tainan. After the Republic of China, Mr. Lin Shanqiao obtained his medical license from the Taiwan Examination Institute.

    After that, Mr. Lin taught Chinese in Kaohsiung. During his teaching period, he heard that Zhongzhou Village, a small remote village in Kaohsiung, was severely lacking in doctors and medicines. There were thousands of people in the village. People can only resign themselves to fate, which was unimaginable for people born in the cities. Mr. Lin understood that the local people’s cultural level was not high, the resources were limited, and the government couldn’t send doctors to support him. As a result, Mr. Lin made a big wish to move his family to Zhongzhou Village, abandoning literature and started practicing medicine. The villagers of Zhongzhou Village came to see Dr. Lin when anyone was sick. There were more and more clinical problems, and he worked tirelessly day and night, because he was the only doctor in the village that everyone expects.

Dr. Lin felt people’s thirst for health in a large number of clinical practices, and also knew the breadth and depth of traditional Chinese medicine. He had accumulated a lot of clinical experience and many clinical records. Dr. Lin hoped that this hard-won medical wisdom and spirit would be passed on. 

The purpose of Lin Sanchiao Scholarship

Sanchiao Lin and his wife had eight children, and their own interests were respected. Five of them became professors. The youngest daughter graduated from the Department of Mathematics at the University of California, and had a successful career. 
She now lives in California. She will never forget her father’s dedication to traditional Chinese medicine and countless touching anecdotes about treating diseases and saving people. In memorizing her father’s dedication to encourage her siblings upon traditional Chinese medicine education as family tradition, plus countless touching anecdotes about curing diseases and saving people, and his expectations and wishes for traditional Chinese medicine to be carried forward. She chose “California University- Silicon Valley” to set up the “Lin Sanchiao Scholarship” to reward and help students who focus on studying Traditional Chinese medicine and will devote themselves to the cause of Chinese medicine.