CUSV 2023 June CEU:Clinical Application of Spinal Diagnostics

CUSV 2023 June CEU:Clinical Application of Spinal Diagnostics

CUSV 2023 Continue Education 4 hrs CEU
6/18/2023 Sunday 17:00-21:00
Pacific Time

California CEU: Category 1
CEU Provider# 684
NCCAOM PDA Provider # 9262

Duration: 4 hours

Course Content:

Spinal Diagnosis (SD) is a technique developed by Philip Yang, OMD, L.Ac. Through twenty more years of clinical practice, integrated with Qigong healing, Qi-acupressure (transcendental transmitted Shaolin lineage) , acupuncture and herbal medicine, combined with the knowledge of western medicine, Dr Philip Yang has more and more realized, practiced and approved by the feedbacks from thousands of his patients. Pains along the spine, ribcages, chest, abdomen, stomach, liver, gallbladder, headaches, blurry vision, vertigo, constipation, infertility, TMJ, sciatica, etc, uncountable cases were treated quickly and fundamentally.

Dr. Yang systematically summarized and techniques, correspondence of vertebrae and the organs and diseases, formed the whole course of Spinal Diagnosis. Statistics indicated, 90% of chronic diseases are caused by spinal disorders. This is just like scrutinizing the human body through one more window, in addition to the Four Pillars of TCM Diagnosis and western medicine imaging and lab tests. It is complementary and it could be our main practice of diagnosis in our daily practice.  

The educational objectives of this course are to teach students the skills of making diagnoses by touching the spine with their fingers to find the root cause of diseases so that they can treat the disease fundamentally and efficiently. In addition, this course will focus on the relationship between some diseases and spine diagnostics in clinical applications, such as migraine, infertility, and tumors.

脊柱診斷 (SD) 是由 Philip Yang, OMD, L.Ac. 開發的一項技術。 通過二十多年的臨床實踐,結合氣功治療、氣功指壓(少林傳承)、針灸和草藥,結合西醫知識,Philip Yang博士越來越了解、實踐和認可了 來自他的數千名患者的反饋。 脊柱、胸腔、胸腔、腹部、胃、肝、膽囊疼痛、頭痛、視力模糊、眩暈、便秘、不孕症、顳下頜關節痛、坐骨神經痛等,快速從根本上治療了無數例。

楊醫生系統地總結和技術,椎骨與器官和疾病的對應關係,形成了脊柱診斷的全過程。 據統計,90%的慢性病都是由脊柱疾病引起的。 在四診合參的中醫診斷、西醫影像學和實驗室檢查之外,通過多一扇窗戶來審視人體。 這種互補的檢測可以成為我們日常實踐中的主要診斷依據。



Dr. Philip Yang
President of CUSV
Doctor of Oriental Medicine
CA Licensed Acupuncturist

Doctor of Oriental Medicine from South Baylo University, Anaheim, CA, 2005-2007.
Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine from ACCHS, Oakland, CA 1999-2003.
Bachelor of Education, majoring in English from Luoyang Teaching Institute, Luoyang, Henan, China, 1987.
Associate degree of Life Science from International Life Science Institute in Chengdu, China, studied Qigong, Clairvoyance, Telepathy and Healing Arts,1990-1993.

Dr. Yang is a CA licensed acupuncturist since 2003. He is the founder and president of California University – Silicon Valley whose predecessor is Nine Star University of Health and Sciences since 2007. He has been a keen educator and a professional practitioner who embraces the eastern and western medicine to develop his unique treatment methods and achieve successful results. His reputation precedes him among patients.

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