Supporting CUSV is an investment in building healthier life.

CUSV dedicates to education in Traditional Chinese medicine to the world!

From mentorships to monthly donations, grants to foundation gifts, CUSV will fulfill its mission with the help of donors like you.

Your gift will create possibilities for CUSV students and amplify their impact. A contribution to CUSV will help sustain students with outstanding performances, as well as promote health education to the public.

Your support is crucial.

CUSV serves as a catalyst for developing and strengthening relationships between the CUSV community and grantmaking organizations.

The staff coordinates interactions throughout the grantmaking sector, including local, regional, and national foundations; public agencies; and nonprofit partners.

Our work includes:

  • Connecting philanthropic foundations, government agencies, or other nonprofit organizations with CUSV faculty and programs of interest
  • Facilitating introductions to CUSV leaders and experts
  • Organizing, planning, and hosting educational workshops to the public
  • Developing letters of inquiry, grant proposals, and gift/grant agreements
  • Advising on strategies for maximizing collaborations with CUSV
  • Working with funders to ensure that their grant objectives are met
  • Facilitating reporting on gifts and grants
  • Facilitating public recognition for gift/grant support

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As the College enacts appropriate Coronavirus/COVID-19 precautions, we encourage all donors to make gifts securely online. Mailed checks may have a slight delay with processing at this time but can still be mailed to

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