CUSV 15th Anniversary

CUSV 15th Anniversary

On January 16,2022, California University-Silicon Valley (CUSV) celebrated our 15th anniversary. Fifteen years is not too long, but to a new university establishment and business, it is a long journey. We have fostered hundreds of graduates in Acupuncture and herbal medicine; succeeded in full accreditation by ACAHM (accreditation agency under Education Department) and beyond.

We also celebrated our new name, California University-Silicon Valley (CUSV), which inherited the mission from Nine Star University of Health and Sciences, and set a new goal of education and career opportunities for our alumni.

On the day of the event, the ribbon-cutting ceremony was held, and people from all fields delivered speeches and celebrated the 15-year history of our school.

An officially announcement was made to launch DURA, the first Chinese medicine smart pillow jointly developed by CUSV and a high-tech team, that bridges medicine and technology based on clinical success. Combined with the principles of traditional Chinese medicine in Silicon Valley, we want to help cervical spondylosis patients with this product’s features of auto adjustment of the height, sleep quality recording, health data collection, and helping users maintain the best sleeping position. It is an intelligent product suitable for all age group. DURA will be officially launched in the United States in late March 2022.

Please check out the photos and videos here to celebrate with us.

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