Best modalities to strengthen kidneys

Best modalities to strengthen kidneys

1.Diet: all kinds of seeds, nuts, black-colored foods (black beans, black sesame, etc.);

2.Herbs: for people whose kidneys are “undercharged”, he/ she really needs an experienced herbologist to diagnose the relevant kidney syndromes, and to prescribe Chinese herbal formula based on the diagnosis. This is one of the quickest ways to recharge the kidneys. After the main symptoms are under control, he/she needs to continue maintenance.

3.Acupuncture & moxibustion (A & M): the quickest way to reverse diseases fundamentally related with kidney deficiency is the combination of acupuncture and moxibuxtion (burning the Chinese mugwort, a natural weed, simplified as “moxa”).  Winter is the season people need this type of treatment most, because it is cold. During winter, the universal energy is “hibernating”; we can apply external support by moxa so that the heat and energy can penetrate the body to the meridians and organs. You might be surprised–when one gets the cold/flu, even if it is very severe, A&M can dispel the pathogen and clear the symptoms within three sessions. In addition, A&M is no doubt the best solution for those suffering from chronic fatigue. 

4.Specific exercises targeting certain areas of the body, such bending, tilting, twisting of the shoulder or lower back.

5.Qigong: one of the most natural and efficient methods of healing and strengthening the kidneys. It is better to be trained with a Qigong professional/master. After you grasp the key method, you can practice anywhere and anytime. This can help you cultivate the internal vital force (qi) in all the organs and improve the circulation over the entire body. 

6.Tai Chi: this is similar with qigong, but there are less techniques in healing like qigong. However, it is still a very good exercise for our whole body.      

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