Online Event: Boost your Immunity to fight for long COVID and prevent COVID

Online Event: Boost your Immunity to fight for long COVID and prevent COVID

By Michelle Sun, MD and Philip Yang, L.Ac.

9/26/21 Sun 2pm-4pm  PDT

Free Zoom Webinar

This is a rescheduled lecture event of 9/12 for better preparation.

It’s been a year and half since the Covid-19 spread worldwide and it’s not over yet. Many people suffer from the Long Covid, Chronic Fatigue and other post conditions caused by the COVID. How do we boost our immunity to get better and to prevent the virus infection?

CUSV presents September online webinar about how to boost our immunity by Western nutrition and TCM point of view. Our main speaker is Dr. Michelle Sun. She is a Senior Physician of Kaiser Permanente, Associate Professor of Clinical Practice of Drexel University of Medicine, and the founder of a non-profit organization, Fresh Lemon Health. Our second speaker is Dr. Philip Yang. He is the President of California University-Silicon Valley, a reputable educator and TCM practitioner.

Dr. Sun will tell us what Long Covid is and other similar conditions that are not caused by COVID. Both of the doctors are going to share some case studies and other prevention methods.
We will learn

We will learn How to boost your immunity in a natural way: Dietary advice for daily nutrition from Dr. Sun and Dr. Yang will introduce herbal medicine and beyond.

Join us on September 26, 2021 Sunday, 2 PM. Save the date!

You are invited by California University-Silicon Valley

Check out the event video here

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