Qigong treatment and Empty Force experience by Master Mitsunobu Ohta

Qigong treatment and Empty Force experience by Master Mitsunobu Ohta

10/9/22 Sunday @ CUSV Campus
10:00-11:30 Empty Force experience $50
13:00-14:30 Treatment experience $100
15:00-16:00 Technical Lecture for Masters and Therapists $200

Location: 441 De Guigne Drive, Sunnyvale, CA 94085

Qigong treatment experience for Joint pain, back pain, tight back, neck pain, rheumatoid arthritis, hemiplegia, and sudden deafness.
Empty force experience control and throw people without touching.
We have invited Master Mitsunobu Ohta, famous for Empty force from Japan as a lecturer.
Check out his video here: https://www.emptyforceqigonghealing.com/youtube

Master Bio

Mitsunobu Ohta is the most famous person in Japan for Empty force.
1970s, he moved to US and worked as a Martial Arts instructor and an acupuncturist. 1980s, he was allowed to learn Yu’s Qigong and trained for 20 years. Numerous TV program introduced him for the possibilities of Qigong.
He returned to Japan in 2015 and devoted himself to training younger people.
Movie: “Psychics, Into the unknown (超能力者 未知への旅人)” Directed by Junya Sato, TOEI
DVD: “Shiniken, Acquiring Qigong and Empty Force(神意拳 氣・勁の獲得)”, “Shiniken, Martial Arts beyond Power(力を超えた武術 神意拳)” by BAB Japan
Book: “Martial Arts equals to Medical Treatment (武医同術 史上最高の気功)”
“Empty Force Developing the Highest Qigong Techniques (気功の最高峰 空勁を求めて)”

1949 Born in Sendai Japan
1970 Moved to US to teach martial arts (5th grade black belt)
1987 California Certified Acupuncturist (LAC)
1987 Started Yu’s Qigong practice for 20 years
1992 Mastered Qi
1994 Movie
2015 Started class in Japan
2021 Started online class
Facebook Event: https://fb.me/e/25l1RLXGM
Webpage: https://www.emptyforceqigonghealing.com/youtube
Magazine: https://webhiden.jp/master/ota_mitsunobu/
Wiki: https://ja.wikipedia.org/…/%E5%A4%AA%E7%94%B0%E5%85%89…

Fee and Payment

$50 Empty Force experience
$100 Treatment experience
$200 Technical Lecture for Masters and Therapists
Pre-payment guarantees your seat, or you can pay at the event.
Private visits may be available upon request.

Participation Capacity:
Considering the quality of the experience, there would be around 20 people.
If we exceed the capacity, the teacher will give priority according to the symptoms.
The lecture will be given in Japanese. An interpreter will be available at the event.

Sign up online to save your spot

Payment by
Paypal: https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/yoctosec
Venmo: User Name: Yusuke-Yamauchi Phone: (831) 760-9599
Cash: On site

Location at CUSV Campus

441 De Guigne Drive, Sunnyvale, CA 94085

Sponsored by California University Silicon Valley 


This event does not guarantee improvement of symptoms, and some people may not feel any Qigong. We are planning this event to help those who have difficult pains and those who have the same interest.
Person with any symptoms relating to covid-19 can not join the event. Mask requirement was lifted by county, but highly recommended.
We ask every participant not share any pictures or videos during the event without permission.
This is, however, a public event, so there would be some possibility you will be in some pictures or videos.
To avoid problems, please share and invite only people you trust.
Any problems during this event should be resolved between the parties concerned, and the event organizer side will not be held any responsibility.

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