2022 CUSV Free lectures series in May: Spinal Health

2022 CUSV Free lectures series in May: Spinal Health

California University-Silicon Valley proudly presents CUSV Faculty Dr. George Yang with his Spinal Health lecture series.  Dr. George Yang, DC has Certification in Chiropractic Biophysics (CBP). CBP is one of the techniques in chiropractic focusing on spinal curve improvement and correction, as well as spinal rehabilitation.
You will learn how to get your Spinal Health with practical advices and exercises.  Each lecture will be about 1hr. The English lectures cover the same topics as the Chinese lectures.

加州大学硅谷推出楊洋醫師的脊柱健康系列讲座。楊洋醫師拥有整脊生物物理学 (CBP) 认证。 CBP 是脊椎按摩疗法中的一种技术,专注于脊柱曲线的改善和矫正,以及脊柱康复。
您将学习如何通过实用的建议和练习来获得您的脊柱健康。 讲座时间约为1小时。英文讲座涵盖与中文讲座相同的主题。

Wednesday Chinese Lectures:周三中文讲座 

5/05/2022 7:00Pm 核心肌群練起來
5/11/2022  9:15pm 挺美挺健康
5/18/2022  9:15pm 骨盆不正百病生
5/25/2022  9:15pm 只要富贵不要包
6/01/2022  9:15pm 低头族请抬头

Thursday English Lectures:

5/12/2022  7pm  How to Train Your Core Muscles
5/19/2022  7pm  Straighten Up Your Back For Beauty
5/26/2022  7pm  Good Health Starts From Pelvis 
6/02/2022  7pm  Dowagers Without Humps
6/09/2022  7pm  Bowers, Please Look Up

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