Who is Dr. Philip Yang ?

Who is Dr. Philip Yang ?

Philip Yang, General Master of China Yuan Gong (one of the medical qigong lineages ); founder of California University – Silicon Valley (CUSV), former named as Nine Star University of Health Sciences ; General Director of Overseas Chinese Worship Ceremony 2015-2018, Doctor of Oriental Medicine (OMD), Licensed Acupuncturist. (L.Ac).

Dr. Yang received systematic training of Qigong in China, he used to get trained by his masters and he did full time qigong practice (as hermet) in the famous Qing Cheng Mountain in Sichuan province in China. He followed twelve extraordinary Qigong and Gongfu masters and a TCM doctor as a disciple. Through his dedicated practice, he achieved many superpowers, including clairvoyance, remote diagnosis, remote healing, qigong healing, Qi-acupressure, etc, and he applies these philosophy, power and techniques in his clinical practice, he has attained many medical breakthroughs, dealing with many difficult diseases.

Six years ago, he developed a unique “Spinal Diagnosis”, which can help a practitioner make complementary and accurate diagnosis for the human body. Spinal diagnosis disclosed the secret of many diseases, for example, what’s the true cause and solution of Migraines? Why one suffers from uterus fibroids, multiple ovarian cysts? What’s the fundamental leading cause of Alzheimer’s Disease? What’s the natural solution of diabetes? When we find the true causes of the diseases, with the relevant treatment modalities, dealing with difficult diseases will not be difficult. Dr. Yang developed “Holographic Needling”, which can dissolve bone spurs, align vertebrae, get rid of pains, and it can help with diabetes, Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease very effectively. Migraine headache can be released 10-20% within 3 minutes, and 60-80% with 30 minutes. Holographic Needling can shrink a benign tumor  20-30% within 5 minutes. 

Applying his clinical success to teaching or sharing with more people in the world, this was Dr. Yang’s initial motivation to establish a university of TCM. In the past ten years, Nine Star University of Health Sciences(NSU) has been fostered hundred more dedicated and achieved graduates. His unique and precious teachings will benefit more students and the society.

Here is a brief summary of Dr. Yang’s clinical focus and achievements.

1. Digging and applying of traditional TCM theory

He Tu Luo Shu, the mother of I-Ching, theory of Yin and Yang, the Five Elements, Eight Trigrams ( Ba Gua ) are all originated from HeTu Luo Shu. Dr Yang developed techniques based on this philosophy and apply them in clinical practice, including “6-9 Needling” “6-9 Acupressure”, etc. 

2. Joint Eastern and Western medicine, he created new theory and methodology—-Spinal Diagnosis

This technique has been widely applied in his daily clinical practice and teaching, it has enriched the TCM traditional diagnosis–Four Pillars Diagnosis, reaching Five Pillars Diagnosis.

3. Creativity of TCM Healing Modalities—-Holographic Needling (HN)

HN has made the treatment of many difficult diseases much easier or completely cured, including pain and tingling in one’s limbs, Migraines, acute/ chronic Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Arrhythmia, etc. 

4. Clinic Breakthroughs 

There are many clinical breakthroughs in Nine Star University, such as Hypertension, Diabetes, Parkinson’s Diseases, Alzheimer’s Disease and all types of bone spurs, benign tumors, etc. These breakthroughs may be the great dedication to human health.

Dr. Yang believes all his learning, clinical experiences and achievements should belong to the world, he should share them with as many people as he can. So, he teaches his students right away once he develops a new technique. Recently, he just created a new healing technique– Human Dynamic Healing (HDH), which can align the spine without any tool, just by rotating patients’ arm, the discs can be aligned within a couple of minutes, and the pain goes away. This is technique is effective and safe, easy to operate. By applying HDH, Dr. Yang saved a patient’s life for her acute heart attack on a high speed train in China in April 2019. The passenger lost her consciousness and she was breathless, Dr. Yang made her wake up just in 2 minutes only by rotating her left arm. 

By the same techniques, on September 15th, 2019, Dr. Yang helped a 10 years old caucasian boy start eating after three months’ suffering of Eating Disorder, he stayed in Stanford hospital for three weeks, and two weeks in El Camino Hospital without any improvement, just 15 minutes after Dr. Yang’s healing, the boy started to be craving for a sandwich and drinks. 

Dr. Yang believes, his special abilities are not special, they are innate abilities of all human beings. Any one who is interested in them, you can do it after training. So Dr. Yang has dedicating in “Making All His Students Special In TCM Healings”. Which has been true. 

5. Community Services

CUSV( former names as NSU) accepted a donation of a big bus, as Mobile Clinic, which is the first, and the only one so far, in the U.S., among TCM universities. NSU students had contributed in free clinics serving the Bay Area, from Sunnyvale to Walnut Creek; from San Jose to San Francisco. Ten Thousand Miles’ Mobile Clinic has been one of the goal of NSU instructors and students, so far, they have accomplished the first 10,000 miles, marching on to the 2nd clinical trip. 

CUSV’s dedication has been more and more assured and supported by the society, they make donations for CUSV different projects. John Hsiao donated the bus for Mobile Clinic; J & H Foundation has been supporting Alzheimer’s Disease Research Program; Chuang’s Family Foundation has set up a scholarship in CUSV; Zheng’s Foundation has been supporting CUSV admission. 

 CUSV Mobile Clinic. CUSV is s 501(C) 3, nonprofit organization in the U.S. It has been the first and the only one in the US. among TCM universities. Ten Thousand Miles of Mobile Clinic has been part of the mission of CUSV instructors and students. 

6. Promote Traditional Chinese Culture, contributing to Human Civilization 

Not only for TCM, Dr. Yang has been actively getting involving community services  voluntarily, especially in promoting traditional Chinese culture in the western world, to enrich the American culture. Since 2015, Dr. Yang has been one of the founders of 

Overseas Chinese Worship Ceremony in San Francisco every March, Dr. Yang has been a General Director. 2000-3000 people participated in this great cultural event, reported by many major media in Northern California and other parts of the world. Dr. Yang said, this is a great opportunity to work together with  more and more communities, including different races, different age groups, with different cultural backgrounds of people in the U.S., the only goal is promoting and enriching the world’s cultural property. 

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